Small Community Update's and Dev stuff June 16, 2019

What Time is best for you to get on each day (EST) Choice as many as you want

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Peter Greek

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Jun 14, 2019
Hello all,
Currently, we have had a huge influx of new people and I want to welcome you all!!!

We are in the works still on the whitelist server and will be announcing when applications go live. Just remember everyone will have to apply. Once apps go live we will have a period of 2 weeks where we just collect and accept/deny applications. After we reach 96 applications accepted we will then open the whitelisted server. The server will be 32 slots for less fuckery and more quality RP.

We are also going to be having a summer sale VERY soon most stuff will be 10%-40% off more details to come.

If you have not already SIGN up for the new Forums we are going to be hosting lots of things here including upcoming giveaways and much more.

I am also personally working on getting all the cop cars reskinned for all departments!!!

Recently we have had both server one and server two full. So we have implemented server 3. However, we have not gotten all three servers full yet.
So I am going to announce once WE HIT 3 FULL SERVERS public cops will receive a second car to choose from when going on duty and ALL 3 departments will get to chose one car to add to their roster. In addition new skins for all departments. Now before everyone gets crazy and tries to get it right now, it's not going to work we need to plan out a time for us all to get on so on this post there IS A POLL make sure you vote on a time this week to get all on!!!!!!!


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May 27, 2020
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