Operation Revive - BCDOJRP Update Changelog & Patch Notes(1.0.1 08-21-2019) [V1.2.3]

Peter Greek

Staff member
Jun 14, 2019
• Fixed issue with Fuel system where it caused fuel to lower at fast rates.

• EMS getting new scripts such as fully workable stretcher system, and new revive system.

• New job for mechanics; you are now able to go on as a mechanic and have your Job identified as one.

• New damage system for vehicles, and the ability to verify the status and the amount of damage your car has, as a mechanic.

• Fixed perms issues where VIP’s and Donators could not be able to spawn their respective cars including Exotics, and blacklist.

• BRAND NEW! Skateboard added for Golden VIP’s.

• Re-designed in-game chat to appear more minimalistic by resizing it and appear smaller.

• Scoreboard List changed to be SHIFT + Up Arrow.