Operation Revive - BCDOJRP Update Changelog (1.0.0 08-19-2019) [V. 1.2]

Peter Greek

Staff member
Jun 14, 2019
This Update by far took the most amount of time and work into it. I have added many community suggestions for this update and many things I have created for our server personally (yay unique).

• New and improved loading screen, including rules, social media, features we offer and owners of the server. Fully created with a new re-design, and audio.

• Updates to the in-game phone to have new background choices as well as updated Icons and a possible fix on the language glitch.

• F6 tablet has been revamped with a brand new background, updated content within the different options, updated rules, as well as an easy to use CAD.

• Drugs will now be implemented within the server, such as cocaine; in which will give you effects when used.

• Brand new Cocaine lab implemented, located in one of the many roleplay areas in BCDOJRP.

• New and improved chat system for better immersion, as well as an option to toggle chat off, for those who want to stream. /togglechat

• Several known bugs and glitches have now been fixed, including the Exotic role not letting players use their exotic cars.

• You now have the ability to carry someone and put them in your trunk. (For Certified Civlians and up only). REMINDER: Abuse of this feature can lead to potential punishment and termination.

• You are now able to craft drugs, transport them, and supply them as part of the new inventory system that has also been added in our 1.0.0 Update. I.e. Gather coke leaves, transport them, craft them, re-sell them.

• You can now toggle server ids and talking circles under people if you want more immersion

• F5 menu has been totally reworked now having a list of emotes, menu for civs, misc items, and cop tools and operations

Cops now get alerts to gunshots, lockpicking, and fistfights. These alerts will appear in the top right of your screen and in addition, you will have a red blip on your map of where the gunshot is taking place

• New hospital in sandy shores

• Ems now have a whitelisted /ems to go onduty

• EMS on duty can check the death cause and where the damage is of a fallen player.

• Added steatbelt (key =b)

• Added a date time and job text on screen and seatbelt status

ADDED an AMAZING discord rich presence, the image for the game will be based on the aop. In addition when you are onduty or a civ different images will represent this with the discord rich presence.

• Removed the ability for players to remove people from cars that are not cuffed

• New sexy speedometer

• Onduty cops pubic cops and EMS can see each other wile onduty on their map


New member
Aug 14, 2019
hot hot hot hot hot good shit dude. I'm excited to see what type of RP will come out of the drug update