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hi I'm Deputy Allen also know as fantasy gamer I was apart of bcdojrp just as it was getting big I just came back from a ban spree that happened long ago I don't have to much info on what happened but lots have changed I was a sgt in the sahp and wish to be back in that department again hope you guys like me and wanna be my new friends I lost many long ago.


Come on may bruodas
Jul 12, 2019
Hi my name is Herms, but I recently changed my name to .u , ive been roleplaying here on bcdojrp for about half a year now almost. I own 1 custom ped, and 1 custom exotic car. Im a member of swift security and the CEO of Blaine County Savings Bank (Paleto bank). I am also whitelisted, FAA, Certified civilian and the whitelist server is really frickin cool so anyone that hasen't applied should apply for sexy rp scenarios and a fun time on fivem.

- .u