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Jun 16, 2019
Orlando, Florida
Forums Rules & Regulations
  • - Be respectful to all members and staff at all times. (Failing to do so will result in a ban.)
  • - Do not use any racial or homophobic slurs even if in a joking manner. (Failing to follow this rule will result in a perm ban)
  • - Do not ask about any applications on the forums or discord as you will get it denied.
  • - Do not ask about any promotions or ranks / roles.
  • - Do not useless post (posting just for the sake of it).
  • - Follow the proper chain of command listed in the discord or you may be muted.
  • - Any and all posts here can be removed at any given time for any reason by staff no questions asked.
  • - By using these forums you are agreeing to our TOS (Terms Of Service)
  • - Do not mislead or attempt to send malicious content to members of the community or you will be banned.
  • - For any issues with another player please take arguments to DMs and major issues to a staff member.
  • - Do not post any hateful or negative remarks or comments about other members of the community or you will be muted and / or banned.
  • - Failure to listen to staffs directions will result in a mute and / or ban.
  • - Any complaints with Staff Members please create a staff complaint ticket in discord / or private message Adam on discord.
  • - Any Management complaints or issues please directly message Peter Greek on discord.
  • - Any attempts at illegal activity will result in an immediate removal of our community and all of it's assets.
  • - Threats of hacking members or any other aspect of the community and DDOS threats and any other forms of attacks is taken seriously and you will be immediately banned from the community permanently.
  • - By being on our forums you are agreeing to follow the rules of the community which include but not limited to the rules listed here as well as discord and any other offences at staff members discretion.
  • - You can be banned for any given reason that violates our rules or ToS at any given time no matter your current status and or position in the community.
  • - If you receive a ban In-Game you may be banned from all of our assets including but not limited to the forums and discord.
  • - All ban appeal results are final, if argued will result in a permanent ban from the community with no chance to appeal.
  • - Unsolicited DMs to any owners and / or Co-Owners may result in a mute and / or ban with no warning.
  • - If you have been accepted to our whitelist server you may be removed and / or banned without any warning if you break any of these rules in any of our communities or at the Owners discretion.
  • - Failure to obey any direct orders from an owner regarding discord ownership for other sub divisions etc. will result in an immediate ban.
  • - If you cause any toxicity and / or create issues within the community chat locations you may be instantly muted and / or banned with no warning.

All of these Rules & Regulations are subject to change without notice. Please check regularly to ensure you don't miss any new rules which may appear. Also by utilizing our forums and or discord you are automatically agreeing to our Terms Of Service Agreement.
Not open for further replies.