FAA Certification Application Template (MUST USE)

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Peter Greek

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Jun 14, 2019
What is your Discord Name (Format: Name#0000)

What would your formatted name be? (Format: Name S.)

Tom K.

How old are you?


How long have you been playing BCDOJRP for?

1 Year, 1 Month

Why do you want to join the Federal Aviation Administration?

I want to join FAA for a number of reasons. My primary motivation is wanting to expand my roleplay options to include those based around, or including, FAA/Airfields. I have a passion for aviation and would like to develop this further through BCDOJRP FAA.

Do you have any experience within aviation both IRL/In Games?

I have experience both IRL and in game. I hold a LAPL and am based near Biggin Hill Airfield where i reguarly fly and plane spot. Additionally i have a wealth of in game experience both in GTA V and accross other games including various flight simulators (DCS, MFSX, MFS2020, X-Plane).

Do you have any experience flying in GTA/FiveM?

I have over 200 hours in GTA V, a large proportion fo which i have spend flying varioud default GTA V aircraft.

Give an example of how you would use FAA certifications in a passive RP scenario excluding rping as LEO/EMS/FD/SASP.

There are a range of different roleplay scenarios i would consider; Roleplaying as a skydiving company, a film studio filming chase sequences for a movie or a tour company providing tours of Blaine County/Mt Chilliad

Do you understand that you will be subject to the FAA SOP and BCDOJRP Network Rules at all times while rping as FAA?


Do you understand that asking about your application directly and/or indirectly will lead to an instant denial?


Do you understand that copying an application will lead to an instant denial/blacklist from FAA?


Do you have any other information you would like us to be aware of?


Do not lie on your application
Do not copy this application
Do not copy anyone elses application
If you are reapplying, make significant changes to your previous application
Add detail to your application. The example above is the MINIMUM required.
Do not ask about your application
Do not copy and paste from google/other websites.
If you do not know, be honest and say, we will teach you everything you need. Its ok to not have experience in aviation.
FAA is the largest deparment. We are therefore becoming slowly harsher on applications to ensure the high standards of rp are maintained.
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