Dev Update June 27, 2019 (Day 6 of Dev Week)

Peter Greek

Staff member
Jun 14, 2019
Ok for the second to last day of dev week I have added a lot in. Watch the new additions on my YouTube

Added a new animation to the /civrepair for cars and decreased the time from 20 sec to 14 sec due to animation limitations.

Also added /hidewm to hide the watermark on the top of the screen!

Added new chat theme

If you are a normal civ use /ooc for now till normal chat is fixed, if you are staff or a donator you can use the normal chat and a tag will appear next to your name with colored text

Added a new cuffing animation for cops and a sound to go with it

Bunch of optimizations to the server's code!!!

Make sure to leave a thumbs up on this post and on the video to show me that you like the direction the server is going in regards to development and make sure to leave a comment with Ideas for tomorrow.

Also, there will be a development stream tomorrow on my twitch
!!!! Make sure to hop in and watch