Community Officer Update (June 2020)


Jun 18, 2019
Nobody Knows 👀
Hey there! Your friendly neighborhood Chief of Public Cops here, bringing you a little update. As you may have noticed over the last couple of weeks, Community Officers have undergone an overhaul, including the way we work, what we wear, and the vehicle we drive. We're also working on some more things that will be coming soon! You can find more information below if you're interested.

New Vehicle
Where did the Impala go? Many people had asked if the vehicle could be updated, so we looked into it and acquired our own custom Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, with rotator lights! The livery was customized to BCDOJRP's Community Officers, and we managed to get it into the server quickly. Some people experienced some crashes due to the new vehicle, but this was ironed out by the developers.

New Uniform
In addition to the new CVPIs, we also developed our own customized uniforms for Community Officers, which are a massive upgrade to the previous outfits. The new Ped includes tattoos, high-visibility vests, better accessories, and more, all personalized for BCDOJRP. COs are now permitted to wear anything that isn't a hat, leg holster, or supervisor patch. Enjoy!

PubCop Portal Updates
Most of you may already know about our PubCop Portal, allowing Community Officers to access a wealth of information to help them become great officers. We've recently made some small updates to the system to fix some small bugs, improve the performance of the Portal, and added some new features. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks!

Video Tutorials
Zack (one of our Management Team) has been working on creating some informational video tutorials for Community Officers, to help them get their heads around being a CO here at BCDOJ. The first video has been released, and more are on the way! View the Public Cop Walkthrough video here.

CO Supervisors
Now we're getting to the fun part. We're always looking for people who are friendly and willing to help Community Officers with their questions and concerns. Interested? We've closed applications for now, but we will be re-opening them soon. We'll let you know when we're looking for more supervisors, so stay tuned!

Our New Assistant Chief
Last but certainly not least, please welcome @SlushyMacaroon as our new Assistant Chief of Public Cops! They have not been in the job long, but they have already proved themselves to be more than capable of the role. Thank you, Slushy!

That's all for now, but we'll be bringing you more updates soon, so keep an eye out for more posts!
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