Community Officer Update (August 2020)


Jun 18, 2019
Nobody Knows 👀
Hey there, folks! Flab here once again with another Community Officer Update for you all. There's a few things to cover, so let's jump right in.

Fresh Meat
We've added some new supervisors to the team this month, so let's give a warm welcome to those new guys and gals. Some of our freshest meat includes @Austin T, @creamysoda54 and @Rny8. We'll be reviewing the rest of the applications soon, and removing supervisors who aren't up to scratch.

Introducing Kahoot!
While Zack is continuing to work on some tutorial videos for everyone, we've decided to start holding regular Kahoot! games to have some fun and also learn some things. Each quiz focuses on a different topic, from laws and rights to communications and fights. Keep your eyes on the announcements in the Public Cop Hub Discord server to find out when the next quiz will be happening.

Folks from Down Under Wanted!
If you're around the Australia/New Zealand timezone and want to help out the Community Officers by being a CO Supervisor, we need your help! If you're interested, speak to Slushy or Flab. The application form is currently disabled while we review the current applications, but it will be reopening soon!

Let the Shooting Begin!
No, we don't mean a firefight. With help from various members of the community, including Campbell himself, we're going to be shooting a promotional video for the Community Officers, to show what we do and how well we do it. This will serve a number of purposes, and we hope to complete it by the next update here on the forums. In the meantime, don't forget to add your own clips and media to the Community Officers Media Showcase!

We've just transitioned to a brand new CAD system, with a wide range of new and fancy features to help make your patrol easier. To access it, follow the instructions in the announcements and CAD information channels in the BCDOJRP or Public Cop Hub Discord servers. Civilian stuff is still in-game, but it's all hooked up!

That's everything this time around! Keep your eyes peeled for another update next month!
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Resigned Commissioner | 2019
Jun 16, 2019
videos/tutorials will be out soon my friend, just waiting for internet to return.
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